Friday, December 30, 2011

Can't believe it's been a year since I last posted anything! Wow! I guess my new years resolution should be to stay current with posts! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Family Pics!

The weekend after thanksgiving we had pictures taken with my family, since our last one was very outdated but unfortunately my eldest brother and his family weren't able to make it... but it's a large fam! There are 35 beginning with my parents (including spouses/fiances), they have 1 great grand child and soon will have another one which will bring our family tally to 36!
We were freezing cold as the "blizzard" hit. But we all were troopers and made it through! We got some really good pictures and of course memories that will last a life time.... and fortunately we all left with all our fingers and toes as well!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey Day & Updates

We had a great Thanksgiving we went up North and had dinner at Nick's parents and then spent the rest of the day with my family. My brother Ben and his wife Yuki were in town from L.A. it was the last time we get to see them before they move to Japan for 3 years in February. And it was the first time they met Kogan. We had a great time hanging out and playing games together, we are sure going to miss them but hopefully they'll be able to visit and maybe some day we can visit them! We also got family pictures done, there are 35 people in my family starting with my parents! Craziness but unfortunately my oldest brother and his family wasn't able to make it... I guess that's one of the disadvantages of having a large family, it's hard to get us all together! But I love them all and am so grateful to be a part of it!
Well now for a little bit of catch up...
The kids are doing great and growing up fast! It's crazy to look back and wonder where the time goes! Xander is 3 and can't wait to start school, he asks every day he sees the school bus come by if he can ride on it and go to school! He is such a great brother and is so talented, I can't wait to get him into sports, but man time flies, and sadly with the second kid goes even faster! Kogan is already 8 months and is crawling around and pulling himself up standing. He can babble a few things such as mum mum and da da and ba ba! He is such a happy little guy although we call him our barf bag because he literally is! I swear he'd be as big as his brother if he could keep everything down that he took in, he is a great eater!
Nick has closed another chapter with the end of the football season, they had a great season accomplishing a great west conference championship and were invited into the big sky conference! He will have his degree the end of this semester a major in Criminal Justice and minor in psychology, but may be continuing to get a second minor in Biology! We aren't really sure what we're going to do, just roll with the punches I suppose!
We're excited for Christmas especially Xander, he saw presents under grandma's tree and everyday he asks if it's Christmas yet so he can open them... it's gonna be a long 26 days!
Well I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and hope to have even better Christmas's'!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Xander's 3rd Birthday!

Birthday boy smiles!

Xander, Kasch & Gunnar

Splash pad action!!! He's one mean kid with a squirt gun!


The birthday loot!

Just showin' you all what a three year old does best.... Doesn't listen but looks cute doing it... or would that be not doing it!? :)

I can't believe how fast three years have flown and how much a kid can grow in that amount of time! Xander is so full of life and a total boy.... bugs, worms, boogers, the whole nine yards! He has the funniest personality and says the darndest things. I love to see him learn and grow! He amazes me how mature he can be at times, he loves to help with everything even if I would rather him not. He's a great big brother and loves to play with his friends and cousins! He was the most coordinated 2 year old I know, and possibly still at the age of 3 and he can't wait to play sports! We love our little big guy and look forward to many more birthdays!

Random days of boys!

Everyday is something new, with two! I just have to say that as easy as it is to fall into the mother role I've come to believe that it was the same for Xander to be a big brother! One of my biggest fears was how Xander would react to having a new addition to our family, you hear of horror stories of jealousy and mean feelings toward a new sibling, but I am so happy and extremely grateful to say that since the day Kogan was born Xander has loved his baby brother, he is very protective of him and loves to hold him. I can only imagine the adventures ahead these two are in for, Kogan isn't even old enough to really interact but he sure does enjoy being a part of Xander's imagination. He just smiles at the sound of Xander's squeaky voice when he trys to baby talk to him. You can see the amazement in his eyes just watching his big brother play and loves to be involved even if he accidentally gets covered with a blanket from a collapsed tent or buried under the couch pillows because Xander likes it and figures Kogan will too and even giggles to be carried around by his big brother even though his feet are near dragging! They manage to put a smile on my face everyday! I love my boys, even the big boy that I am so happy to call their daddy! I love being a part of all their lives and am so blessed to have them in mine!

For the 4th of July weekend we went camping at Tropic Resevoir with my parents! We had a lot of fun, my dad was a little sore that he was outfished by a two year old but of course was proud too! Xander caught the biggest fish out of our three fisherman.

Layton park with the Fam